Monday, 22 July 2013


Work has now begun at our allotment space in so far as the weeds have gone and there is a space that looks remotely capable of growing something. We have already met a few of the other plot owners and they all seem very generous with both knowledge and surplus food, we have been given potatoes, lettuce, courgettes, raspberries and gooseberries yum!
With such a blank canvas I am searching for inspiration as what to do with the space, I would like both flowers and vegetables to grow together whist also wanting it to be a beautiful environment to be in.
The thing that sets allotments apart from your own back garden is the sense of community they create and I like the idea of generations of knowledge being passed on and for me, I feel inspired walking around and seeing what other people are growing and imagining what we could have this time next year.
I came across this fabulous site called The Edible Bus Stop which demonstrates how growing can give people a physical and psychological boost. Below is a picture of one of the amazing spaces created.

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