Monday, 1 July 2013

The language of Flowers and whats in the garden

I am very proud that at the moment my Sunflowers are starting to bloom, I have grown these from a seed something which I have never achieved before.

For me, some things are intended for the vase however  I will leave these in the garden for the bees to feast upon as they also seem to be a fan.
As well as appreciating the beauty of flowers I am also interested in their meanings or symbolisms, in The Language of Flowers book (Helen kindly bought me) this flower symbolises false riches and was seen as gaudy and vulgar and banished to cottage gardens with fans of the Sunflower being deemed as false and superficial, all I can say is Oscar Wilde was a fan and I am too.

Making the most of my bud vase, Sweet peas picked from the garden today.

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