Friday, 5 July 2013


Does anything really compare to the smell of unpicked or freshly picked naturally grown unforced flowers, you can't beat it. Some times some flowers that are known for their smells can often because of how they are grown, out of season for forced production, lose their smell and this saddens me. One of the best things about flowers is their natural smell. Predictable maybe but lavender has to be one of my favourite smells, I love the smell of wax flower (Chamelaucium) too. 

What's your favourite smelling flower, foliage, plant or herb?


  1. Lovely post Helen, for me, without the smell if Sweet peas it wouldn't be summer.
    Caroline x

  2. lavender is my favorite too
    and thyme!
    beautiful fotos!

  3. I love the gentle and timeless smell of roses. We have the palest pink ones on our kitchen table at the moment, I have to smell them every time I walk past!